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Why You LOVE the
Faithful Life Planner!

“Using the Faithful Life Planner has intertwined my faith with my every day life. It has helped me be more intentional about what I do each day, develop healthier habits, and really put God first in my life. I can’t recommend this planner highly enough. It’s one of those tools every woman should use.” 


“I recommend the Faithful Life Planner to ALL the women I know. At this point in my life, my main goal is to focus on God, my family, and my ministry. The Faithful Life Planner is THE perfect planner to keep me focused on these things.”


Review of the Faithful Life Planner
Review of the Faithful Life Planner -- Just what I needed this year!!

“This is the first planner that required me to slow down and reflect on my priorities instead of filling it up with goals that I really didn’t care about or appointments that just kept me busy. I really appreciate the reflective pieces in the Faithful Life Planner that help me determine my priorities and live by them.” 


The Faithful Life Planner is AWESOME! It incorporates my faith into my days, weeks and months. I love the areas where you can journal and reflect. I especially love how it's focused and centered around God and helps me be more intentional."