• Overwhelmed before the day even starts? 
  • Overwhelmed by the unknowns?
  • Overwhelmed by changes? 
  • Overwhelmed by your limitations? 
  • Overwhelmed by the hugeness of your roles?

Are you finding it difficult to manage your day while still being able to tend to your soul?

  • Needs must be met.
  • Errands run.
  • Messes tamed.
  • Responsibilities fulfilled.

You get on with your day, jumping into the tasks and to-dos, and all the urgencies of the moment. 

Even with the “great slowing down” of 2020, you feel like you can't “get it together,” and a powerful question keeps accusing you in the quiet of the night, the chaos of the morning, and in the exhaustion you feel when you sink into bed at the end of the day :: Why can’t I keep up with what everyone else is doing? Why is this so hard for me? 

But — 
Maybe you’re not supposed to.

  • Maybe the roles you’ve stepped into, the responsibilities you’ve take on — maybe those aren’t the right ones for the right now of your life.
  • Maybe what she is doing, is not what you should be doing.
  • Maybe what “they” tell you your focus should be is NOT what your focus should be.

Maybe all those voices are wrong. 


We live in a noisy world. One that clamors and calls for our attention and lays on us demands and expectations we were never meant to carry.

Somewhere along the way, we began to listen to the world before the Word.

We began to chase the urgent while missing what's most important, and we started to believe the lie that we hold all things together. When in fact, it is Jesus who does.

We began trying to squeeze God into our days, rather than ordering our whole lives around Him!

God calls us to a different agenda.

Do you feel it in your soul --
The call to a different way of living?

The Faithful Life Planner will help you live differently.
It will help you
pause and listen,
sit at the feet of Jesus,
and walk forward in faith + faithfulness.

The Faithful Life Planner isn't your typical planner.

Our goal is faithfulness over success and purposeful living over simply staying busy. This planner won't help you run faster; it will help you slow down and listen, linger in God's presence, and walk forward in the plans He has for you. Really, the Faithful Life Planner helps you care for your soul while still managing your day-to-day life.

It was created to help you center your whole life around Jesus.

Here's what you'll get:

  • The space you crave and the accountability you need. With intentional prompts, pauses, and journal pages, the Faithful Life Planner helps you focus on what really matters most so that you can be confident in your purpose.
  • Planning tools and calendars to keep you organized and on-track.
  • The peace you've been seeking. Instead of rushing into your day already overwhelmed or sinking under the weight of your to-do list, the Faithful Life Planner helps you start your day centered in Jesus.
  • Your all-in-one solution so you don't have 5,000 notebooks cluttering up your counter. With the Faithful Life Planner, your sermon notes, devotional journal, and planner are wrapped into one, keeping you more organized, purposeful, and connected.

Take a peek inside the Faithful Life Planner!

The Faithful Life Planner - intentional faith-focused prompts to make living out your faith a reality

Goals + Intentions
Finally! Goals that are purposeful and manageable!

This planner helps you evaluate and prayerfully set quarterly goals in four key areas of your life.

Every quarter includes a quarterly reflection + reset (not shown), goal setting space, AND monthly check-ins to help you stay on track with the plans to which God has called you.

Focused Plans
Start and end the day with gratitude and joy as we take time to remember the simple things each day.

Our weekly spread provides space to keep track of appointments, schedules, to-dos, and daily habits. Also included is a power-packed Scripture or quote and intentional prompts to focus our hearts and our days.

*The weekly agenda planner is a Monday - Sunday spread. Full columns are given for Monday - Friday, and Saturday and Sunday are half columns.

The Faithful Life Planner - intentional faith-focused prompts to make living out your faith a reality

Fresh Perspective
Gain fresh perspective for the new month and consider how God is leading you.

The Faithful Life Planner helps you realign your day-to-day commitments with your priorities.

Focused questions at the beginning and end of every month provide space to evaluate what's going on beneath the surface, and our intentional prompts will help you recognize how to live out your faith.

The Faithful Life Planner -- sermon notebook, quiet time journal, intentional prompts to make living out your faith a reality

Vibrant Faith
Instead of beginning your days overwhelmed and already behind, the Faithful Life Planner invites you to spend time abiding in the Lord.

Each week, space is provided for sermon notes, Scripture memory, prayer requests, and time with God. Customize this space for what works best for you!

From writing Scripture, writing prayers, or journaling how God is speaking to you, this is a favorite space for many in our community!

The Faithful Life Planner -- care for your soul while still managing your days

Monthly Calendars
See your whole month at a glance and easily keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations, so you don't miss a special occasion again! The monthly calendars are a Sunday - Saturday spread, and includes space for notes.

The Faithful Life Planner -- care for your soul while still managing your days

Yearly Overview
Keep track of your plans and commitments for this year and next! The Faithful Life Planner includes a yearly overview for both 2021 and 2022 to help you stay organized and balanced as you make your plans for the year.

The Faithful Life Planner :: Your tool to meet with God AND manage your days

"Using the Faithful Life Planner has intertwined my faith with my every day life. It has helped me be more intentional about what I do each day, develop healthier habits, and really put God first in my life. I can’t recommend this planner highly enough. It’s one of those tools every woman should use.” 

- Janie

Review of the Faithful Life Planner -- Just what I needed this year!!

“I recommend the Faithful Life Planner to ALL the women I know. At this point in my life, my main goal is to focus on God, my family, and my ministry. The Faithful Life Planner is THE perfect planner to keep me focused on these things.”

- Lara

Review of the Faithful Life Planner

“This is the first planner that required me to slow down and reflect on my priorities instead of filling it up with goals that I really didn’t care about or appointments that just kept me busy. I really appreciate the reflective pieces in the Faithful Life Planner that help me determine my priorities and live by them. 

- Rachel

the Faithful Life Planner  -- the BEST planner for Christian women

What if you could live with less hustle, less noise, and a whole lot more purpose?

You don't need another tool. You need the right tool.

Faithful Life Planner Review

The Faithful Life Planner will help you walk by faith + faithfulness.

the Faithful Life Planner (Garden Floral) -- the BEST planner for Christian women

Want to hear more about the planner and see our beautiful new covers for 2021?
Watch our cover reveal below!

The Faithful Life Planner WILL make a difference in your life.

  • You can now stop stressing out about what's not getting done. Instead, you get to follow how God is leading you! You can stop listening to all the shoulds and coulds and what ifs, and instead walk confidently in the plans God has for you.
  • Get EXCITED about your faith and living it out! Rather than wondering how to fit it all in and put it all together, you will have a step-by-step plan to live a wholehearted, centered, and faithful life.
  • Finally develop the consistency you've wanted! Even if you use only one element of your planner consistently or change one habit, you will see progress! Our goal is faithfulness, not simply success, and the Faithful Life Planner is your solution.
The 2021 Faithful Life Planner -- the BEST planner for Christian women!!

The heart behind the Faithful Life Planner ...

Hi, I'm Erika. Founder of FaithfulMoms.org and creator of the Faithful Life Planner. 

I believe with all my heart that Jesus transforms lives, and there's a fire in my bones to help you not just know ABOUT Jesus but to know HIM and be transformed as you walk with Him.

I never intended to create an agenda planner. Lots of great planners exist on the market -- a few of which I've used and loved.

But after surveying about 10,000 women in our Faithful Moms Community, 92% said that one of their biggest roadblocks in spending time with God and growing in their faith was time. They struggled with feeling overwhelmed, being consistent, and really making time for spiritual growth as a priority in their busy lives. 

So I started asking God how I could help.

I've been in those places before. Life with four kids is still busy, but over the years, I've learned that spending time with God isn't another task on an already full to-do list. Time with God is the center out of which everything else flows.  

We all have a long list of things to do. We all face the temptation to add more and be busier. We all get to choose how we will steward this life we've been loaned.

We all have a choice. How will we choose?

That is why I created the Faithful Life Planner -- to help women choose well and to lift the burden of guilt and shame when it comes to "quiet times." May we be women who walk with Jesus and trade our agenda for His!

"The Faithful Life Planner is really one of the best thought out planners I've seenI truly feel like it has encouraged me to be more intentional and reflective in my time with the Lord. I love it all!

Not only have I been able to stay organized, but have greatly enjoyed having all of my time with God — including sermon notes —all in one place. I especially enjoy the pre-month and post-month sections which have been such wonderful times of reflection and thanksgiving. Thank you so very much. You and your planner have been a blessing.

- Richelle

The 2021 Faithful Life Planner :: The BEST Christian planner and prayer journal for women
Faithful Life Planner Review

"You know that question, "If a fire broke out in your home, what would you grab first?" My Bible can be replaced (I get a new one every few years), but my Faithful Life Planner can’t. 

All year long I’ve recorded verses, prayers, thoughts, and meditations among the daily moments of my life. Buying my Faithful Life Planner was money well spent, and it's been a great tool to keep my spiritual transformation a priority this year.  This was, by far, my best purchase of the year."

- Debbie

A few other features of the Faithful Life Planner

The Faithful Life Planner ::  the best Christian Planner for women

The Faithful Life Planner also has

  • Beautiful, smooth 120gsm paper
  • Double-sided pocket to stash all your extras
  • Mylar-coated tabs to make navigating your planner a breeze
  • Gold foiled detail on the front and back covers
  • Elastic loop band to use as a bookmark or to keep your planner closed wherever you go
  • Durable covers with rounded corners

See what others like you have said about their Faithful Life Planner.

Using the Faithful Life Planner has intertwined my faith with my every day life. It has helped me be more intentional about what I do each day, develop healthier habits, and really put God first in my life. I can’t recommend this planner highly enough. It’s one of those tools every woman should use.

- Janie

Faithful Life Planner Review

This is the only planner that has really helped me prioritize my relationships and spiritual walk. Since using the Faithful Life Planner this year, I’ve grown so much closer to God. Thank you so much for creating this planner!

- Brandi

Faithful Life Planner Review
2021 Faithful Life Planner in FOUR cover BEAUTIFUL cover options

Choose from any of our four GORGEOUS covers!
These pictures seriously don't do these beauties justice. They are stunning in person!

the Faithful Life Planner (Graphite) -- the BEST planner for Christian women
the Faithful Life Planner (Garden Floral) -- the BEST planner for Christian women
the Faithful Life Planner (Midnight) -- the BEST planner for Christian women
the Faithful Life Planner (Ocean) -- the BEST planner for Christian women



We will ship out all planner orders as soon as we receiver full shipment from the manufacturer.

We are currently estimating that planners will ship the first week of December.

IF we can get them to you sooner, we definitely will!


We have been SO BLESSED to send Faithful Life Planners all over the world!

So, yes, we will ship internationally. Please be aware, though, that the cost of shipping is high and delivery times take longer. Though you may not receive your planner in time for Christmas, if you order early enough, you will receive it in time for the new year!


Change doesn't happen automatically. You will get out of this planner what you put into it. However, every element of the Faithful Life Planner is intentionally designed to help you grow in your faith and help you walk with faithfulness in the places God has called you. 

My challenge to you is to try it! Commit to using these pages for a minimum of one month to meet with God and plan your days according to His leading, and see what happens. I believe God will change you, and I can't wait to hear your story of how God is working in your life!


Well, only you can decide that! But I will answer with another question :: What are you hoping for in 2021?

If your focus is to "crush your goals," this planner isn't for you.

However, if you want to quit trying to "force" things to happen, if you want to plan your day according to God's leading, and grow in your relationship with Him, I urge you to try out the Faithful Life Planner.

I haven't seen another planner like it on the market, and I believe God will continue to use this simple tool in deep and powerful ways in the lives of women.


The Faithful Life Planner has Scripture and devotional quotes all throughout its pages, and every week, you have space to journal your quiet time with the Lord.

You get to choose whether you use this space for writing out your prayers, writing Scripture verses, recording what God is teaching you, highlighting key points from your day's study, or however else you might decide to use this space.

The quiet time pages are purposefully flexible so that you can use it!

We don't want you to have blank or unusable pages simply because you're not following our Bible reading plan! 

This space works seamlessly with whatever Bible reading plan or study you're using. 


We understand that committing to a planner is a big decision, and we want you to feel confident with your purchase. 

Please take the time to review all our photos in detail, as well as to confirm that the size and dimensions will suit your needs. 

All planner sales, unless damaged or defective, are final once you submit your order.  

Quality control is extremely important to us, so while extremely rare, if your planner arrives damaged or defective in any way, please contact us at erika@faithfulmoms.org right away so that we can take care of it.

the Faithful Life Planner  -- the BEST planner for Christian women
Faithful Life Planner Review
Faithful Life Planner Review